Is Your Heart troubled?

John 14:1 Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust God; trust also in me.

I have learned that my heart being troubled, which means worried, anxious, stressed out, is usually a trust issue. Basically it comes down to this, I trust the thing troubling my heart more than I trust God/Jesus.  To trust means that I rely on the integrity, strength, the ability and surety of a person, in this case God and Jesus. When I put it like that it’s kind of silly right? How could I NOT rely on the integrity of God, He’s never lied to me or led me astray, or abandoned me. However many of us do that very thing, like Peter we look at the waves around and begin to sink into the waves/trouble, we need to look at Jesus, and remember that it is in His strength, His ability that we can overcome every trouble. Sometimes Jesus calms the storm, and sometimes He calms the person in the storm. God Bless you.


About recreationexperiences

ReCreation Experiences is a faith-based, nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization that has been in operation in Asheville, NC since 1990. “Sharing our Faith through Home Repair Mission” has developed as the mission statement as it provides a clear and concise explanation of the operation of the program. ReCreation provides a faith-based outlet for groups and individuals who are compelled to respond to the issues of poverty and substandard living in the WNC community. The volunteer teams extend assistance to those in our region who have a need for home rehab assistance. In doing so, a problem is solved, a life is touched or changed, and the mission of ReCreation Experiences is fulfilled.
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